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Faculty and Guest Artists

Diego Caetano, piano (USA/Brazil)

Theresa Bogard, piano (USA)

Lorenzo Meseguer, cello (Spain)

Lana Kuščer, flute (USA/Slovenia)

Bernardo Santos, piano (Portugal)

and other presenters.

The Four Posts and Medieval wall - Avila - Spain.jpg

The AIMF Experience

Piano, Strings and Chamber Music


Local Love

What’s the best part about bringing together a group of like-minded individuals?  At our festival, students have the opportunity to experience the local community. Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ávila, Spain is also part of our festival.


Music Gathering 

Much like art, music has an important place in our community.  Students will be able to enjoy the incredible aesthetic of the concert venues and perform there. To learn more about what artists will be present at the festival, get in touch today.



Our festival features some of the best and sought-after educators around the world.  Students will be immersed in daily lessons, masterclasses, talks and workshops during the entire week of the festival.

Ávila International Music Festival 

Ávila‎, Ávila, Spain

Panoramic view of the historic city of Avila, Castilla y Leon, Spain.jpg
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